Troutdale Cleanup Events

1 May 2022

The City of Troutdale Cleanup Events are offered to community members with the goal to enhance and expand their disposal and reuse/recycling opportunities on a biannual basis.  Saving personal waste for these cleanup events is great, but remember to reduce and refuse waste when possible. Think about these questions before purchases: Could you borrow or buy it used? Repair something you already own? It takes more money, energy, and resources to make a new item than to buy used (or nothing at all). It's the little choices we make now that can add up to big changes down the road for us all. 

Event Eligibility

All events are free of charge unless otherwise noted and are available only to residents of the City of Troutdale. Residency is determined by your water bill. If you do not pay your water bill to the City of  Troutdale, you are not eligible to take part in cleanup events. If you are unsure about your residency, please call Troutdale City Hall at 503-665-5175 to confirm.

The City and/or participating vendors reserve the right to refuse collection of materials for any reason and event offerings are subject to change or cancellation. Please continue to check this page for up-to-date information, or call Troutdale’s Environmental Specialist at 503-674-3311.

For more information visit the City of Troutdale website »