Make Plans to Vacation in Troutdale this Year

Make Plans to Vacation in Troutdale this Year Main Photo

24 Jan 2023

How often have you called that relaxing hotel, wishing to relive a perfect family vacation, only to hear no rooms are available? Or drive into a favorite campground and see another family in that special spot on the water? Let this be the year you take charge of your vacation plans, getting an early start with National Plan for Vacation Day on January 31. 

The U.S. Travel Association promotes this important day on the last Tuesday in January each year for several reasons. Taking time off from work to travel is essential for personal and community well-being. The American Psychological Association has reported several studies that indicate vacations improve mental and physical health and general life satisfaction. Time off even enhances work productivity.

Families and individuals alike will find Troutdale, OR, is the perfect spot to vacation, with phenomenal outdoor sightseeing and recreation complemented by the welcoming attitude that comes with a small-town atmosphere. So when you’re making those vacation plans, think about the following amenities to be found in Troutdale. 

Gateway to The Gorge

Troutdale is the Gateway to The Gorge, offering the endless natural experiences of the Columbia River Gorge. Visitors enjoy Oregon’s Waterfall Corridor, beginning in Troutdale and extending for miles along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Eight waterfalls are viewable either from their parking lots or via short hikes within a 15-mile drive from Troutdale. The most popular is Multnomah Falls, which draws 2.5 million visitors annually as the second-tallest year-round waterfall in the United States. The Multnomah Falls Lodge, built in 1925, is a perfect location for lunch after the 2.4-mile round trip to the falls and back.

Others like to leave the car and utilize the Columbia Gorge Express, which makes multiple stops between Portland and Hood River, including Troutdale. Take a glimpse of the Waterfall Corridor with this U.S. Forest Service map.

Beyond The Gorge

Troutdale offers much more than The Gorge. Driving vacationers love the Infinity Loop, which includes the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood Scenic Byway. Heading inland brings visitors to the seemingly endless forest surrounding Mt. Hood. The famed Fruit Loop meanders through numerous farm stands, u-picks, cideries, lavender fields, orchards, and the Hood River Valley wineries.

Those seeking a more adventurous addition to their vacation head to the many trails throughout the region. Hikers can stretch their legs along numerous paths, or bicyclists can hop on paved or mountain biking routes.  

Vacation in Troutdale

Finding time to relax is essential to a good vacation. Troutdale itself offers a bounty of satisfying opportunities. Visitors enjoy numerous art venues and museums in and around Troutdale. Some popular venues include the sculptures by local artists in Mayors Square, local artwork in the Red Trillium Gallery and the Vista House, known for the museum within and the views of the Columbia River Gorge. Staying in Troutdale is headlined by the historic McMenamins’ Edgefield resort, with numerous restaurants, breweries, and other establishments to satisfy all tastes. 

Make 2023 the year to get a head start on your vacation planning to maximize your hard-earned time off. Making Troutdale your destination may be the best vacation-related decision you have ever made. Explore Troutdale today to make the most of your vacation this year.